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Alster Dojo hosts Hamburg’s oldest and largest kendo club. We are committed to the idea of friendship through kendo and “crossing borders through crossing swords”. You are very welcome to join and practice with us, no matter what your level of experience is. The current keiko times are found here. Please check the calendar for special events.

The dojo is located just outside central Hamburg (map) and can be reached easily by public transportion, e.g. 15-minute bus rides plus short walks from directions Dammtor, Sternschanze or Schlump, if you start off from the city centre. Please refer to for connections to bus stops “Veilchenweg” or “Veilchenweg (West)”.

Please bring your own equipment to keiko; we will not be able to lend out any clothes or shinai. If you lack those, please contact us beforehand and we will you provide you with resources for purchase or inform you, if we currently have shinai for sale in stock. If you cannot bring your own bogu, we will be able to lend a bogu. If so, please arrive early.

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